The Private Diary of Noyes Capehart
Detail of the painting Letter to my Sister by Noyes Capehart


"It may come as a surprise to some, a disappointment even, to learn there is no worn diary atop one of my studio shelves; no single, weathered book in which I’ve dutifully registered a commentary on my pictures. In truth, there is a diary, but not in the traditional sense of the word. The Private Diary is a body of visual works (paintings, drawings, etchings, and woodcuts) completed during the past thirty-five years, most of which incorporate written components of some kind. Put simply, it is a blend of visual and written content that has allowed me to fashion a meaningful dialogue with myself, a way of processing a host of experiences, thoughts and feelings that have come with my life’s journey. Some have referred to the diary pictures as a form of visual Journaling, and I’m comfortable with that description.
In the greater scheme of things, my Diary pictures may be little more than a string of footprints in the evening sand. They simply bear witness to my presence on this earth, fleeting and transitory as it is. By morning, a pristine beach will await the next traveler’s feet. But this I do know about my creative journey: the privilege of being able to enjoy such a life is first and foremost a blessing from God, for which I am thankful every single day. At seventy-two, I want to believe I have years of pictures and stories ahead of me, but if my tide comes in tomorrow I’ll have few grounds for complaints."

--Noyes Capehart


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Author and Artist: Noyes Capehart

Dust Jacket Design by Norm Kohn, Author of The Chandana Tree

Printing: Pacifica Communications, Korea

10" x 10" / 160 Pages 150gsm Gloss Art
Highly Illustrated
Hardbound, Cloth w/foil stamp on spine
French-fold Dust Jacket 150gsm Gloss Art
-- w/lamination, and priced barcode on back
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