From Page 6: Capturing the essence of a poem in a face...

     How do you do this? Do you write the poem, or create the face first? Both. The ‘faces’ are portraits of the verbals poems.

     Starting out as a portrait sculptor, there was no room for creating a likeness that was “unpleasant” or anything better than a good likeness. Portrait sculptors have to have the hide of a rhinoceros if they hope to have clients. Many excellent artists have excited the field of portrait sculpture because they would not produce a photographic likeness.

     There are very few pretty pictures in this book. Rather they are unusual, provocative, mysterious, forbidding and sometimes, incomprehensible. In other words the faces are interiors of people—  of you and me.

     Distortions and eyes that sometimes blaze out mark the depth of the poems to lend even more meaning and strength.

     Venerable artists realize that depicting humans in verse or face is an egg-shell proposition. Above all, the woes of the world are insoluble. Our safety is in contemplating them and then enjoying the simple and the immediate.

     I write this in the richness of my age and solitude. I hope I have made a bridge from poem to face and that you will find comfort in  the crossing.

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